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Financing Your Home

         At Aword Real Estate we specialize in helping you find the best and most suitable home at the best possible price. At the same time we also recognize that not all buyers will purchase their properties in cash and therefore many will need a loan to complete their acquisition. That is why, as part of our comprehensive services, we will also help our customers with advice on how to select a lender that will most precisely suit their particular situation and needs. Whether it is with a traditional bank, a mortgage originator, or a direct private lender, we will diligently present you all your alternatives and help you find the best option as well as guide you through the entire process from application to closing.

         For those buyers who will finance their purchase, an important first step before searching for homes is to obtain from a lender a preapproval letter. After providing some general information to a lender or originator, the buyer will get a document stating the maximum loan amount he or she may qualify for. This amount will also guide us in the selection process of the property. This prequalification letter is also a great instrument to include along with the purchase offer presented to the seller of the home as it will help assure him that the buyer is serious and that the trasaction will close.

         Whether you are financing a small studio on the beach or a multi-million estate on an exclusive island you can rest assured we will diligently guide you through the entire process to make it a simple and a hassle free experience. For more information on these and other financing options please contact us so we can start you on your path to homeowneship in South Florida.